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Let's play a game of would your rather. Would you rather drive for eight hours, or fly for three? Would you rather have your flight delayed three times, or zero? Would yourather drive an hour and a half to the airport, or 10 minutes? Would you rather pay a small fortune for flights, or pennies on the dollar? Introducing Bulletin Flights, the world's foremost private aviation networking service. 

Founded as a one-man operation in August 2015 by Ellis Tucci, Bulletin Technologies has since grown to a burgeoning young company intent on changing the way you travel. Established in the format of a private club, we only ask $15 in monthly dues in exchange for access to thousands of flights. Bulletin is on track to be the premier social network and national club for pilots and passengers alike.

Here at Bulletin, we like to think we already know your answers to those questions, that's why we're dedicated to changing the way you experience airports and airtravel. Using our new online interface, you'll be able to hop on flights Bullletin’s registered pilots have filed out of and to over 4,250 different airports in 48 states. For years, people have sought to find a cheap, widely accessible, and convenient way to bring the educating experience of travel to every person in America, and with Bulletin, we finally have it. Apply today to become a member of Bullletin's exclusive ever growing community. Connect, fly, live. Bulletin, find your flight.

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Meet the Minds

Ellis Tucci


Hailing from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Ellis attended both the Church Farm School, and the School for Ethics and Global Leadership, where he met and roomed with Carter McKaughan. Having been flying since age ten, Ellis had the idea for Bulletin Technologies in December 2014 while sitting in an orthodontist's waiting room, but it wasn't until a meeting with Mr. McKaughan two years later that Bulletin started to truly become a reality. Ellis is known for his passion for colorful clothing, and in his free time enjoys arranging music, running, and playing billiards. He is currently pursuing a degree in economics at Dickinson College.

Carter McKaughan


Born an raised in Seattle, where he graduated from the Lakeside School, Carter McKaughan is always drawn to excitement. This desire led him to the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in the spring of 2015 where he met CEO and co-founder of Bulletin Technologies, Ellis Tucci. The two struck up a friendship based partly on their desire to provide outspoken opinions in a largely intellectually homogeneous space. Carter enjoys cooking (having once worked as a chef,) he also enjoys military science and strategy. Mr. McKaughan is a frequent writer for the Pensive Post on the topics of technology, defense, and foreign policy.