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file a flight to and from over 4200 airports around the country, and  fly easy knowing there's a Bulletin passenger eager to subsidize your flight costs






grab a seat on a flight going from your local airport to wherever you need to go. On demand, on time, and under budget, that's the Bulletin promise


the future of flight

Do what you love, but without the cost- with passengers covering the pro rata cost of fuel, you can fly for a fraction of the cost. At Bulletin, we value and respect the autonomy of our pilots, that's why you choose your own hours, your own schedule, and your own flight plan. Join the ranks of world-class small plane pilots, fly for Bulletin today!

Imagine the following:

Seattle to Portland for $22

San Francisco to Los Angeles for $26

Philadelphia to New York City for $10

With our patent-pending systems, Bulletin is making travel cheaper for everyone- we won't nickel and dime you like those big airlines. In fact, Bulletin will never profit off of the sale of airfares.

safety and security

Here at Bulletin Technologies, the safety of our users is one of our top priorities. Every Bulletin pilot is subjected to a series of rigorous background checks and a pilot aptitude evaluations before they can become a member. We also ensure the safety of both pilots and passengers through our rules and guidelines, such as forbidding a Bulletin pilot from carrying a Bulletin passenger in weather they haven't been trained for. All Bulletin pilots are mandated to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in flight insurance. Here at Bulletin Technologies,  we're working every day to make the safest form of travel even safer.



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